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Unregulated Social Media Plays Large Role in the Middle East Upheaval

With the upheaval that is occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, the role of social media has come into the spotlight due to its role in the current situation and the regions’ history of strong government influence over the control of media.

Facebook plans to make location updates

Facebook will soon add a not-so-surprising feature: location updates. While not a novel service, it has generated controversy over its potential for abuse.

The New York Times reports that Facebook plans to unveil updates at next month’s F8,…

The buzz surrounding Google Buzz

Google recently entered the social networking universe, unveiling Google Buzz on Feb. 9, 2010. The network runs through Google’s popular Gmail service and allows users to update their status akin to Facebook or Twitter, post…

Build your own mobile app even if you can’t write programs

In an attempt to make app development easier and more accessible, Minneapolis’ Mobile On Services BuildAnApp provides novice app developers with simple templates for various types of businesses and organizations.

Rejected Apple Apps Publicized

Although Apple’s review process for iPhone apps seems to elude most developers, the App Rejections site should help app developers better understand why certain apps were rejected.

Landlord sues former tenant over Tweet on Twitter

Horizon Group Management, LLC, one of Chicago’s “premier apartment leasing and management companies,” has sued a former tenant, Amanda Bobben, for libel over a tweet she posted on her public twitter feed.

The tweet read:

You should just

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