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Disney Sued Over Potential Privacy Infringement

A class action lawsuit against the Walt Disney Co. was filed in federal court yesterday in Santa Ana, Ca. The suit alleges that Disney’s company-issued employee badges violates state law regarding privacy rights because the bar code on the badge…

Apple Sued in Lawsuit Over Apps Sale of Private Data

Apple has been named in a class action lawsuit alleging that iPhones and iPads produce devices, such as a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which allows advertisers to track what applications users download, how frequently they use them and…

Facebook privacy settings you should get to know

Facebook recently modified its privacy settings; so should you. What may seem private may very well be public to all of cyberspace.

In an interview with e-Commerce Times, Arnstein & Lehr attorney Misha Kerr made the…

Facebook pictures prevented woman from receiving disability benefits

A woman’s insurance company cut her disability benefits after its agent found photos of her on vacation through Facebook. The action could lead to a lawsuit. The dispute serves as a reminder that one posts on Facebook or any other social networking site is public information, not a private diary.

Lawsuits over Facebook’s Beacon app complicate possible settlements

In what has been developing into a cautionary tale of when good apps go bad, potential class-action settlements in California and Texas surrounding Facebook’s Beacon ad program may substantially affect one another. The outcomes in California and Texas jurisdictions will also play a role in other cases involving Beacon, Blockbuster, and Facebook.

Google Voice appeared to have security concern

Google’s new and innovative app, Google Voice, could create unanticipated security risks. What happens if names and phone numbers leak into the Internet?

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