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Showdown with Apple over standards could be looming

Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), which includes some of the world’s largest wireless operators (AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone) and manufacturers (LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson), announced in February that it has formed…

Law firm associate puts names to faces with iPhone app

Cooley Godward associate, Eric Koester has developed a new app for the iPhone that connects people’s faces to their names by using photos from their LinkedIn accounts.

Port your iPhone app to Windows Mobile

Want to earn some extra downloads?  Port that iPhone app to MS Win Mobile.  Microsoft has published a case study detailing how to port an iPhone application to its Windows Mobile platform.  For the details, read this case

Microsoft planning OneApp application storefront

According to Fierce Mobile Content, a recent trademark filing suggests Microsoft may be planning to launch a second application storefront in addition to its forthcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

The filing is ITU application 77775625 for “OneApp”…

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