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International Brand Organization Features iFeud

BPCouncil, an international brand protection organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, is featuring a segment discussing iPhone App trademark issues, showcasing the recent InfoMedia v. Air-O-Matic dispute, commonly known as iFart v. Pull My Finger.

The discussion is appropriately…

iFart featured on The Daily Show…with real attorneys!

Your intrepid apps law bloggers, the iFart lawyers, were there in spirit last night when Wyatt Cenac asked, incredulously, whether iFart and Pull My Finger had “real attorneys….jewish attorneys?”

Justia tags monitor apps cases in federal court

Legal filings aggregator Justia tags cases filed in federal court with relevant keywords including “iTunes.”  This makes finding new filings related to whatever keyword interests you quite simple.

For the entire Justia tag cloud,

Apps Law Blog is Launched!

Welcome to our new blog, published by lawyers Kevin Houchin and Joel Rothman.  Houchin and Rothman are better known as the attorneys who filed the now infamous iFart v. Pull My Finger trademark infringement

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