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Rejected Apple Apps Publicized

Although Apple’s review process for iPhone apps seems to elude most developers, the App Rejections site should help app developers better understand why certain apps were rejected.

Developers quit Apple due to legal, contract and creative frustrations

Apple’s iPhone could increasingly lose out on potential development if more apps developers continue to halt their projects. These developers cite to Apple’s stringent policies which has often led to their frustrations.

Google Voice appeared to have security concern

Google’s new and innovative app, Google Voice, could create unanticipated security risks. What happens if names and phone numbers leak into the Internet?

Google and AT&T at odds over voice control

The FCC has been required to get involved with the ongoing dispute between Google and AT&T.

Google Voice Silenced by Apple on iPhone

Google VoiceApple has rejected Google’s official Google Voice app, and has removed from the App Store several Google Voice-related apps that had previously been accepted.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the ban of Google Voice in a statement to

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