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Apple Sues for use of “App Store”

Apple has once again become involved in a lawsuit regarding the use of the term “App Store” and its trademark off the term. Apple Inc. has sued Inc accusing the online retailer of trademark infringement and unfair competition due…

Showdown with Apple over standards could be looming

Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), which includes some of the world’s largest wireless operators (AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone) and manufacturers (LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson), announced in February that it has formed…

Rejected Apple Apps Publicized

Although Apple’s review process for iPhone apps seems to elude most developers, the App Rejections site should help app developers better understand why certain apps were rejected.

Google and AT&T at odds over voice control

The FCC has been required to get involved with the ongoing dispute between Google and AT&T.

Independent app store hits its own milestone

GetJar, an independent app store, yesterday announced 1.5 billion app downloads in its first year of operation.

GetJar has been around since 2004. It features close to 50,000 applications — such as Google Maps and the Opera browser —…

Lessons learned from App Store to help sell your software

Some smart tips from BlackberryCool to help sell your app:

  • Constantly experiment with price points
  • Getting featured is your top priority
  • Choose the right time to launch your product
  • Choosing the right category
  • Searching optimization through branding

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