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To share or not to share? Legal privacy concerns abound

With customer database and smartphone hacks, the safety of cell phone customer information could be the next wave in civil litigation.

Mobile technology has led to a confusing web of patent suits

It seems as though almost every day a new suit is filed by or against the largest cell phone makers. The Mac Observer reports that in the first week of March 2010, a patent infringement lawsuit was filed…

Build your own mobile app even if you can’t write programs

In an attempt to make app development easier and more accessible, Minneapolis’ Mobile On Services BuildAnApp provides novice app developers with simple templates for various types of businesses and organizations.

Developers quit Apple due to legal, contract and creative frustrations

Apple’s iPhone could increasingly lose out on potential development if more apps developers continue to halt their projects. These developers cite to Apple’s stringent policies which has often led to their frustrations.

Droid + Gizmo5 = Trouble for phone companies

Google has bought Gizmo5 and while one analyst sees a looming battle with Skype, there may be implications for Droid and its ability to bypass toll calls through major carriers.

Android apps ‘plagued’ by low sales, odd rules

According to this piece in Electronista, a recent AdMob study estimates Android Market’s paid app market is only worth $5 million, and even high-profile, highly rated Android titles generate “much lower” revenue than

Justia tags monitor apps cases in federal court

Legal filings aggregator Justia tags cases filed in federal court with relevant keywords including “iTunes.”  This makes finding new filings related to whatever keyword interests you quite simple.

For the entire Justia tag cloud,

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