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Facebook plans to make location updates

Facebook will soon add a not-so-surprising feature: location updates. While not a novel service, it has generated controversy over its potential for abuse.

The New York Times reports that Facebook plans to unveil updates at next month’s F8, the Facebook developer conference.

When Facebook updated its privacy policy in November 2009, it included statements regarding adding locations to posts and its treatment of the service.  This exemplifies a new trend in social networking, the desire to use location awareness via GPS, which is also being applied by Twitter and Google Buzz.

Facebook News Feed will soon contain friend locations.  Location-based tools will also be available to apps developers. Like the iPhone, for example, soon many Facebook users will be tracked and found through Facebook use.
Hopefully this intriguing new feature won’t lead to an increase in stalking, something which Facebook had already made much easier for people to do even without GPS.

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