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Apple Sues for use of “App Store”

Apple has once again become involved in a lawsuit regarding the use of the term “App Store” and its trademark off the term. Apple Inc. has sued Inc accusing the online retailer of trademark infringement and unfair competition due…

Disney Sued Over Potential Privacy Infringement

A class action lawsuit against the Walt Disney Co. was filed in federal court yesterday in Santa Ana, Ca. The suit alleges that Disney’s company-issued employee badges violates state law regarding privacy rights because the bar code on the badge…

To share or not to share? Legal privacy concerns abound

With customer database and smartphone hacks, the safety of cell phone customer information could be the next wave in civil litigation.

When bad guys sell in app stores, who’s liable?

The explosion in smart phone apps and growing number of users has created an opportunity for criminals to write apps that steal IDs, bank accounts and the like. When they succeed in getting unsuspecting users to download their malicious software,…

Is Apple proprietary or monopolostic with mobile apps?

That’s the question floated when addressing the company’s ban of Flash for iPhone and iPad apps. CEO Steve Jobs says that Flash poses a security risk, closed and inappropriate for use on mobile devices. Adobe says

Mobile technology has led to a confusing web of patent suits

It seems as though almost every day a new suit is filed by or against the largest cell phone makers. The Mac Observer reports that in the first week of March 2010, a patent infringement lawsuit was filed…

Facebook plans to make location updates

Facebook will soon add a not-so-surprising feature: location updates. While not a novel service, it has generated controversy over its potential for abuse.

The New York Times reports that Facebook plans to unveil updates at next month’s F8,…

Apple vs. Google: Who will win the mobile wars?

The New York Times Sunday Business Section on March 14, 2010, chronicles the epic battle of Apple vs. Google for dominance of the mobile applications market.

Apple vs. GoogleThe previous week, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC, claiming the Taiwan-based phone maker…

Apps industry on the rise, says Gartner study

Gartner Inc. reports good news for the apps industry. The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company predicts that the mobile application stores will take in $6.2 billion in consumer spending in 2010 and another $0.6 billion in worldwide

Build your own mobile app even if you can’t write programs

In an attempt to make app development easier and more accessible, Minneapolis’ Mobile On Services BuildAnApp provides novice app developers with simple templates for various types of businesses and organizations.

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