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Unregulated Social Media Plays Large Role in the Middle East Upheaval

With the upheaval that is occurring in the Middle East and North Africa, the role of social media has come into the spotlight due to its role in the current situation and the regions’ history of strong government influence over the control of media.

Facebook widget: Bad medicine for Novartis

Facebook widgets are being blamed for computer viruses, personal data theft and now health dangers. The Food & Drug Administration told Novartis in an August 2010 letter that its widget for the leukemia drug Tasigna violated…

Facebook plans to make location updates

Facebook will soon add a not-so-surprising feature: location updates. While not a novel service, it has generated controversy over its potential for abuse.

The New York Times reports that Facebook plans to unveil updates at next month’s F8,…

Facebook’s News Feed now protected by patent

The U.S. Patent Office recently awarded Facebook a patent for its News Feed feature.  The patent, applied for in 2006, covers 25 claims. 

The News Feed is an integral part of social networking, which shares news update…

Facebook’s Beacon settlement causing new problems

According to a report by Yahoo, the plaintiff attorneys in the class action Facebook privacy settlement over the Beacon advertising program are “trying to fend off critics by suggesting…that privacy organizations are raising objections because they…

Facebook privacy settings you should get to know

Facebook recently modified its privacy settings; so should you. What may seem private may very well be public to all of cyberspace.

In an interview with e-Commerce Times, Arnstein & Lehr attorney Misha Kerr made the…

Monitoring Off-Duty Conduct on the Internet: Facebook, Blogs and Social Networking Media

On February 25, 2010 from 1-2:30 EST, ALI-ABA will offer a cutting-edge seminar on best legal practices for employers concerned about employee use of social networking.

Paul Starkman

The on-line seminar will address employers’ monitoring of employees’ off-duty blogging, texting and…

Facebook pictures prevented woman from receiving disability benefits

A woman’s insurance company cut her disability benefits after its agent found photos of her on vacation through Facebook. The action could lead to a lawsuit. The dispute serves as a reminder that one posts on Facebook or any other social networking site is public information, not a private diary.

Facebook ‘poke’ is nothing to joke about

“Poking” is no laughing matter. A Tennessee judge has ruled that an individual using the Facebook app violated an order of protection. The culprit could be punished with up to 11 months and 29 days in jail.

Detergent company gives Facebook photos clean look

Wisk is an example of a company trying to take advantage of this new, modern apps age.

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